Ms. Viki

Ms. Viki (Nursery Director)

My favorite quote: “Play is a child’s work”

My Biography: My name is Viktoria Calendino. I have been working at Asya’s Nursery since August 2014. I have a Bachelor of Psychology, a Master of Science and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I am qualified to teach nursery through to high school. I have over 15 years of experience in education with almost 10 of them in the UAE. Like all of our staff I find myself drawn to working with young children because I simply can’t resist the curiosity and enthusiasm that they bring to every activity, every minute of every day! In saying that I believe as an educator it is my responsibility to ignite this spark of curiosity into a lifelong love of learning--for each and every child that comes into my care. One of the most notable things about working at Asya’s is the strong sense of neighborhood community that is so evident, many of the families know each other, and the children often see each other in and out of nursery, and have grown to have such strong relationships with each other. This is something that has made my time at this nursery very memorable.

My hobbies include spending time with friends and family, exploring the UAE, and travelling.