Growing dreams & memories
in an edutaining environment

Ever since its opening on the iconic Palm Jumeirah island in Dubai,
Asya’s Nursery has had one goal – to be an inspiring and educating world for the most important of the Palm’s residents – the children.
To create such a world we collected all the bits and pieces
needed to create an “edutaining environment” that helps little people become great people.

Inspiring Interior

The nursery comprises of seven classrooms suitable for children aged 45 days to 4 years. Classrooms are divided into age groups and set up with various “Learning Areas”. Both our indoor and outdoor areas provide space for developing gross motor skills, discovery materials, role play, interactive play, sand play, water play and other opportunities for children to let their imagination guide their play. And with a magnificent tree in our interior, the atmosphere in the nursery definitely supports the growth of every kind.

English Curriculum

Asya’s Nursery is guided by the English Curriculum for Early Years, our philosophy of education centers around learning through play, as we believe every child learns best by doing so. With adult-led, child-initiated activities and through free play, we provide opportunities for children to play, interact, and experiment to understand how the world works.


As we believe children are the most important part of any society and understanding that the first phase of their development is the crucial one, we have developed our working principles around the highest standards. All our teachers have CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce or higher. Asya’s Nursery is thus one of only three PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) accredited nurseries in Dubai, officially recognized as a top quality spot for the proper development of the youngest ones.