Driven by the warmth of appreciation

We truly believe we are doing the best job in the world, helping little ones on their path of development.
Ever since the nursery’s day one, we have been rewarded with the kind words of appreciation coming from the parents.
Here are some of them, keeping us motivated and confident about our innermost beliefs and actions.


I would like to thank you for a wonderful year at Asya's where I have seen Jonas develop and grow into a brave little boy. We will miss everyone and hope we can pass by to visit. All the best!

Suzanne (mother of Jonas)

This was the most amazing visit today, as a new time mom I was blown away by the complete love and warmth I felt as I arrived and seeing how everyone cared about my little girl, just when we were walking past it was heart warming.

My husband and I are in the every parent juggle of home nanny or crèche and I am emotionally trying to come to terms with leaving my baby girl.

Seeing the creche today, and seeing the love and care , how people wanted a cuddle or even the lady as she was leaving her shift took the time to say hello and give Addi attention, was the first time I have felt that it will be ok leaving my baby girl.

Thank you for doing the walk through with us and I hope to hear from you soon with a spot.

Camilla & Addi

Dear Ms Mel, Ms Alitha, Ms Maria, Ms Lilibeth, Ms Courtney (and all the other teachers who play an important role in Zara's life),

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your love and care of our daughter, Zara, over the past few months.

Zara has truly blossomed since she started nursery, and has become such a social, outgoing little girl. It is thanks to the kindness, enthusiasm and genuine care from you and your team that she has settled so well.

Thank you for giving her such a special birthday yesterday - she was spoilt all day and made to feel like a real birthday princess. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated - the card is really special.

Sarah Domingo

We are absolutely delighted with the notes you send us on a daily basis. This is the first thing my wife and I run to to read when we get home.

Omar is slowly settling and we feel he enjoys his mornings. Although the separation is always difficult, you and your staff are doing a great job at managing that. We also feel quite a lot of skill improvement, can't ask for more!

Many thanks again for taking good care of Omar.

Monsef Seffar

Dear Ensi, Chona, Viki and the Asya’s Team,

Time flies and it is already 10 days since William’s last day at Asya’s. A sad day as for all the goodbyes – and a great day when looking back at the wonderful time he has had with you.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Thank you Ensi for being a fantastic Teacher and role model for William. From nursery rhymes and shapes to simply normal manner and discipline, he has learnt something new every day. And all throughout we have brought a bubbly, confident and satisfied little boy home from school, which is what matters the most for us.

Thank you Chona for being the greatest Teaching Assistant. Professional but at the same time loving, caring and very personal towards both William and ourselves. And thank you also for all the help and persistence with the toilet training ☺

The atmosphere has always allowed us, and especially William, to feel we are part of a little family. To the whole Asya's team: keep up the great work!

We cannot wait to have our little Ingrid start in January and we will keep our fingers crossed until then that she will be in Ensi’s and Chona’s class ☺

This is not goodbye… it is see you later.

William, Emma and Erik (and Ingrid of course)

May I take this opportunity to thank all staff that worked for the past 3 years in Asya’s Nursery where Joshua has learnt and enjoyed his time tremendously with their support. All the best for the future and once again many thanks for providing Joshua many happy memories in his early childhood.

Joshua’s parent

As Eric's parent, we would take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your kind care during Eric’s stay for the last one year. He is growing day by day in the nursery at the environment of health and happiness. We thank for all his teachers who have given him supports and care as well as the initial knowledge, in which we will help him to remember this valuable experience in his life.

Once again thanks for all of you!

Li Zhaoming

I just wanted to say what an improvement I have noticed at the nursery since the new management took over last year. I've been sending my kids to asya’s since it opened 3 years ago and I have really noticed the difference. It is also a pleasure to walk through the reception and to be welcomed with a smiley face and efficiency, this was really lacking before!!! Since Ethan is leaving this year, I shall continue to recommend asya’s to my friends and if you ever require a testimony I will be only too happy to assist.

Ethan’s Mum

At first, as all kids, Ben did not like the idea of having to start going to the nursery. He was a bit shy and too attached to me and my wife. In a short period spent in the wonderful Asya’s nursery, not only that he changed the attitude toward going there, but he also started making contacts far more easily, both with other kids and adults. We actually witness him showing his true side of an open, extrovert and curious child who loves communicating with others and exploring the world around him. All thanks to the spontaneous, creative and friendly atmosphere in Asya’s. What more to ask as a parent than this; thanks guys, you’re the best.

Ben’s Dad

At the first sight of Asya’s nursery, my child felt as if she was entering a wonderland. Although apparently I am a grown up, I felt the same. You can’t really blame any of us as Asya’s interior is made to inspire, excite and amuse the kids who spend their time there. It is the perfect environment for developing children imagination and ability to express themselves properly. We love Asya’s nursery.

Mrs. Linda Abbott, mother of Sara

Amazing dedication, energy and patience, along with great teaching skills coming from the people who work in the nursery. They are absolutely committed to each and every child, and they provide both their expertise and their honest care to the kids who go to Asya’s nursery. Really an outstanding place.

Mr. Davidson, Steve’s father

I want to say big thanks to Ladybugs teachers Christi and her colleagues for helping out to settle my 2 year old son miraculously just in 3 visits at your beautiful nursery. The mummie did not cry. U have done amazing transition with him and my son will be able to enjoy all the lovely activities which your nursery can offer. Well done Asya!!!!

Mrs. Petra Fothergill, mother of Jonathan

My twin daughters love Asya’s nursery. I cannot speak highly enough of the nursery. Fantastic teachers and staff! Extremely friendly environment and it is not too big with lovely indoor play area. The place is clean and well run! My daughters have learnt a lot over there. If you are after a friendly environment where you know your children will be well cared for, then I can fully recommend Asya’s nursery.

Mrs. Gabriella, mother of twin daughters

My daughter joined Asya’s nursery last October 2011 as soon as it opened, followed recently by my son who joined in July 2012. The nursery is beautifully decorated and provides a safe and interactive zone for children to learn and develop. The teachers and assistants are exceptional and have a natural affinity with children. My daughter’s communication and interaction skills are markedly improved since starting nursery and both children are currently having a lovely time in Summer Camp. The nursery has been very accommodating and flexible to my families’ needs and as a parent it gives me great peace of mind knowing they are having fun and being so well looked after.

Mrs. Natasha Rajguru

I wanted to thank you for your kind welcome and hospitality in this beautiful environment for children.
I enjoyed every second that I spent in this nursery. The best moments of the day for me arewhen I pick up and bring my son to Asya’s Nursery.

Mrs. Ozlem

Asya’s nursery is a safe, secure and homely environment that helped stimulating my little daughter’s overall development. She is given the opportunity to explore her full potential with the various activities planned during the day and she is simply in love with the place. She runs towards her teacher and hugs her when I drop her in the morning and I believe this explains it all.

Mrs. Carol Rizk

Dear Asya’s Nursery, as we left Dubai and returned back home, Alisa is missing youso much; the fun, her nannies, her teacher and friends…we have put her class photo on her wall and she can point everyone on the photo when we tell the name.. She still likes coloring and dancing so no change on that front. It is such a pity we missed the ballet class, it looks really cute! Thank you all for the great memories…keep up the good work! Best, Alisa + Mom + Dad

Mrs. Pamir Arat

The Nursery has provided exceptional care and service towards looking after my six month baby girl. They helped her in all babies’ first developments, settling her into feeding and sleeping routines. Most importantly the care and dedication to looking after your child has provided me with peace of mind that I can work full-time knowing my child has the upmost attention and support around her. My child is happy and enjoys going to the nursery every day and loves the caring and fun environment of all the staff and children around her. The Nurse and her care also provide a safe and healthy environment ensuring she gets medical assistance when ill and as a parent we are informed of all our child’s health issues. At nearly one year of age, my daughters’ development is outstanding and this is thanks to her tutors and all the learning activities Asya’s Nursery provides. The level of staff support and environment is exception.

Olive’s mom

When we tell Sophia in Danish to clean up after playing she just looks at us – But if we sing clean up in English she starts looking for toys to be put back in those right places.Sophia eats by herself. Sophia understands a lot in English, so her second language is progressing.She enjoys singing, dancing and playing around. Sophia is always happy and smiling. Thank you Asya’s!

Sophia’s mom

Our family comes from Sweden, where my daughter also goes to the nursery. There the kids used to spend a lot of time in nature and help us with the academic part (like letters, numbers, of shapes etc.) quite late, just before school at 6 years old. They have only Swedish as the main language with both facilitates and limits children’s development. The difference was that my daughter had some difficulties in the beginning to get used to the new system of Asya’s. Often I saw her sad not to be understood and I had to talk to her and encourage continuing to go to nursery. But eventually, I started to see the changes and clear results in Anna’s development. She showed an unusual interest to the English language, letters, forms, maps, numbers etc. She has felt free and happier every day because of teacher’s understanding and kind attitudes. With Asya’s, we have discovered another way to organize child’s time, much more thoughtful and rewarding and we are really grateful for all the help we have received fromAsya’s Nursery.

Anna’s Mom