Save the dates...

Every day at Asya’s nursery is special, but some days need a special mention.

Daily schedule

Each week on Friday afternoon you will receive the planned schedule and activity plan for your child’s class. In this plan we will include some practical ideas for things you can talk about and things you can do at home that will link to what we are doing in the nursery. By doing this we anticipate creating a wonderful partnership and extension of leaning between the nursery and home.


The daily schedule comprises of indoor and outdoor activities which allow for adult led and free play opportunities. Indoor activities take place in their classrooms or in the various separate communal spaces in the nursery.

20 Sep ━ Dentist visit

7 Oct ━ Crazy hair day

26 Oct ━ Silly socks day

11 Nov ━ Sports day

30 Nov ━ Commemoration Day

2 Dec ━ UAE National Day

9 Dec ━ Term closing and Carnival party

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (TBC)

11 ━ 30 December

20 Jan ━ Teddy Bear Picnic

9 & 10 Feb ━ Individual and group photos

14 Feb ━ Red Day dress up

24 Feb ━ Petting zoo visit

3 Mar ━ World book character day

14 Mar ━Red Day dress up

20-25 Mar ━ Parent/teacher meetings

25 Mar ━ End of term party

Eid Al Fitr (TBC)

28 March ━ 8 April

11 May ━ Planetarium visit

10 May ━ Graduation photos

4 Jun ━ Graduation day 

1 Jul ━ Term closing and Out of space dress up party

3 July ━ 25 August